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If you wanna and can remember your answers post them down and we can all compare what we wrote,here’s what I did:

can you try and tell me if I would’ve got a good enough score for a 6? I was predicated an 8 and 9 in my mocks, I did 4 pages for Macbeth and 3 and 3/4 for Pride and Prejudice,I think I was quite muddled but I wanted to put down as many points as I could.
Para 1-circular structure,Macbeth always had violence at start of play,compare the first battle to last
Para 2-religious symbolism (devilish,brightest angel fell) and the owl/falcon symbolism thing
Para 3-weak,influence by lady Macbeth and witches
Para 4-comparison to other characters,all similar names,all show violence so Macbeth’s violence is normalised,and banquo/macbeth comparison in how the handled the witches prophecy
Para 5-Macbeth’s dagger vision,interpreted as his bloodlust leading him on or his guilt warning him,banquo’s ghost and his guilt and his change from blank verse to o,o and prose =yep the prose thing is for lady Macbeth but I still put it down lol
Para 6-Macbeth’s rule versus Duncan’s (horses eat each other,day to night)
Para 7-Shakespeare used Macbeth to warn people not to betray king so violence is shallow
Para 8-dead butcher thing

Pride and Prejudice
Intro,stuff about Regency Period
Para 1-Mrs Bennet childish,stupid and ignorant
Para 2-theme of marriage,shows Mrs bennet hurts their marriage prospects. Bad parent but also interpreted as caring
Para 3-mr bennet does not care although he’s smarter,sends Lydia to Brighton
Para 4-Mrs Bennet is a hypochondriac and hyperbole
Para 4-longbourne sounds like borne (burden thing),so daughters feel like they’re both a burden instead of help
Para 5-social classes blurring,contrast with gardiners,Mrs bennet thinks Catherine is ‘civil’
Para 6-both ignore social rules,mr bennet shouts at Mary and Mrs bennet bashes darcy
Para 7-there’s some other things I mentioned in a few sentences dotted around but I forgot them

I didn’t mention any structure or form in p&p 😭 will I still be ok to get higher than a 6?

Post yours down below if you want again
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I did Macbeth and A Christmas Carol.
I think you wrote too many points and didn't manage to explain them all, a point without analysis doesn't give you marks so you should've focused more on just analysing, that's probably were u lost most your marks, However if u still had analysis of language structure and form it's very possible that you got higher than a 6

I just had 3 very detailed paragraphs and a thesis statement and conclusion ofc. :
1st one on Macbeth's mental violence - eg. 'bloody dagger' in soliloquy to have form done, and 'full of scorpions is my mind'.

2nd -Then i wrote about context so how the king would've went to battle therefore Macbeth would've been seen as a better King due to his greatness in battles, and how it could've encouraged King James to fight more to not end up like Duncan.

3rd para -Macbeth's change in how he physically is violent throughout the play so 'brave Macbeth' and 'bloody execution' show he's a great soldier that fights with grace to hims only stabbing a guard after killing Duncan to show how killing the King will lead to you not being a worthy soldier anymore, therefore i did structure and some more context.
I feel very confident about this answer you think it could be a 7 or an 8? im predicted a 6, but i think that i aced this question
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