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There is this guy that I have known for exactly two years and he works at a bed and breakfast, I'm 18 and he's 25.

I never thought I'd meet someone who just gets me for me. We met in late 2017, by this time I had been visiting this place for several years and with my family. It's a great place to visit. we go there several times a year and for lengthy periods.

When i met this guy I didn't get feelings for him straight away, it just developed last summer. He was very caring and invested during my stay, he never interacted with my family just me. It made me feel special. I thought he might be this way with everybody but comments online about him are pretty bad. He seems to be socially awkward truth be told.

I started noticing in the summer that when I came in and out of the house cause he works in the Reception area he would always be looking at me, I noticed this from the corner of my eye and not directly looking, I would get long periods of him just staring away at me. One day as I walked into the hotel, we bumped into each other and he waved me by like a prince would cinderella, it was quite camp but so cute. Another time I was sat on the stairs and he passed me by as if trying to catch my eye, I look up from my phone and he gives me this big smile, this then leads to him coming back seconds later and doing the same thing, truth be told I don't think he went anywhere he was just checking me out.

The last day of the holiday he looked pretty gutted which made me think he was devastated I was leaving, as the manager picked up our cases , I turn around and see this guy looking over, i smiled at him and he walked to a different room.

As my family left individually , I was the 4th of 5 to grab my own taxi and this guy 'asks me about having a drink before I leave' I got slightly excited by this point because I thought he was wanting to have a 1 to 1 in the bar alone with me, if I had accepted that would have been the outcome. I declined as the taxi was outside

I got on FB , added him and he accepted instantly, I expressed why I declined cause of being rushed and he was very sweet and said ah ok, no worries, hopefully see you soon.

I tried over the coming months to keep a dialogue with this guy but being two hours away it was hard, I felt if anything I was bothering him. As it approached my second visit in the winter I removed him off my online account.

We return to the b&b and the guy is working on reception not in the morning but late evening. as me and my brother pass him to go to our room he acknowledged my brother and not me. by this point he is looking annoyed and I suspect it's cause he knows I removed him, which was confusing when he has three thousand FB friends.

I avoid him as much as possible and he starts chatting away to my mother and brother, it gets to the 8th night of the stay and my brother comes to the family room and jokingly says when he was talking to a female member of staff that this guy started rubbing his shoulder, (this annoyed me badly) I questioned why the guy I like badly was rubbing my brothers shoulder, (was it a joke) or was he hoping my brother would relay this to me to make me jealous? Regardless it upset me.

Next morning I write a review online and give the bed and breakfast 5 stars but mention everyone in the review but this guy, with three days of my break left, its published. That evening my brother comes to my room and tells me this guy was upset I removed him off Facebook and didn't get a mention in the review, I wondered why this guy was bothered about me removing him off Facebook? I re-added him again and said it must have been a 'glitch' he then messages me with 'how come you unfriended me'? and I gave an excuse.

He avoids my family over the coming days and focuses all his attention on me again. He jokes around about FB and makes more of an effort.

I come in one evening with my mother and he stops us and starts talking to me about a tv show and asks do I watch it and we chat for 10 mins with my mother awkwardly standing there, he asks me what movies and shows I am into. I assume wanting to know about my interests and he tells me he is a star trek fan.

This is where the following evening gets strange, I walk in with my mother and he's dealing with a very attractive girl at reception, as I reach the top of the stairs I look down and he's standing at the bottom looking up , he's left this girl at reception and seemingly followed me to the staircase like he wanted to chat, my mother sees him and says hello but because I'm not around he returns to the customer.

The morning we are leaving he is in work early, which was unusual because he worked mid afternoon to late evening during our stay. I assumed he had come in early to see me before I left possibly. Long story short we are chatting together and we talk about our lives and he asks me what I do in London, I tell him and he goes, I've never been to London before, if I ever do I' ll probably take a future girlfriend, now eye contact during our whole conversation till this point and he looks completely away, now I am not an intimidating guy and he's very fit and goes to the gym, he starts on a new topic and we end the conversation. I get to the station and I message him immediately and say, did you say this about a future girlfriend cause you are straight and he replies 'correct mate', I then tell him that I've had feelings for him for awhile and he replies ok, see you next year. Now this has really messed with my head truth be told. Because his behaviour has led me to believe he is straight out interested with his behaviour in the B&B and it's been every visit something happens that shows interest from his point of view. now I am back end of next month and he's still working there. but what is intriguing is the following.

At the end of March I was playing quizzes and games on FB, 1 week went by and I noticed this guy had been copying what I was doing and repeating the games on his account, this was confusing, to me it was clear he was monitoring my FB if he was copying what I was doing, I message him and jokingly say ''are you showing me how it's done''? and he replies with 'just that good' 6 weeks on and he has carried doing this. Then I change my FB profile photo last week and use a specific tv show design and 3 hours later he has changed his profile photo to the same design as me and it's been the same for over a month! We watch the same tv show , and he's messaging me at 2am in the morning asking am I watching too? we start chatting back and forth and then he seems to lose interest and then I get nothing back from him.

I am effectively a guest at a hotel, he hasn't see me since last year, why for weeks is he messaging me asking am I watching this show at the same time as him? Is there a case of interest and he's not sure of his sexuality? He seems interested in me but the signals and mixed messages are confusing me. Should I just message him and be direct? or should I wait till the end of my holiday to not make things awkward in his presence?
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I think you should casually ask him whether he is flirting with you face to face to make sure you get the right signals. Tell him the signs you think you have gotten from him. If he says yes or seems embarrassed you should say you are interested, not too pushy. If he says no you have nothing to lose and can finally move on with your life.

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