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Hello, I am not sure whether I am posting this in the right section, I thought about placing this in the Social Sciences section but I am not exactly sure whether it would be appropriate. This subject matter is not essential to my studies as I am not studying anything related to the social fabric of society, but I would generally like to become a more clued-in and active individual in the workings of the society as I feel that I have a huge gap in my knowledge concerning this.

My question is as follows: what would be recommended approaches to studying civics? E.g. the working of the government system, voting, citizen rights, important laws, etc... I have tried to find reading material on this subject, but I have not succeeded and instead I have found only material that scratches the surface but does not tackle such topics.

Or is my approach wrong? Perhaps civics studies cannot be learned from the books and such material has to be learned through experience and from many sources? But even if that is so, what would people recommend?

My parent's friends often talk about how in their days they had civic studies as a module in high school and were taught how to be more actively involved in society. But for me, I did not have a such a thing and I am wondering how I can remedy this part of my missing knowledge as I generally feel detached from society at large.

You can ask me to solve a complicated mathematics problem, but ask me when voting begins or what rights people have in such and such an area and I draw a complete blank.

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