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I came away with C grade in my GCSE maths just scraping by, Now having work for a few years in pretty *****y jobs I want to redo my education and eventually work towards a more rewarding and respectable career. First goal on my list is to work towards a higher grade in GCSE mathematics than a C.

I was researching online "Adult Part time evening GCSE mathematics classes" I found some stuff but it seems like they only want people who haven't achieve a grade C yet. I've achieved a grade C and wouldn't mind going over the topics again but I don't want to have to be left to my own devices studying for a B/A whilst they only teach C grades topics. I've tried to self study and I failed at it I need to be in a classroom environment as I feel that's better suited for my learning needs.

I am 21 years old, live in the South and can drive any recommendations where I can go for my GCSE Mathematics
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Have you looked into distance learning schools such as NEC or Wolsey Hall Oxford. They are an online school who provide you with textbooks and a timeline to complete the topics. At the end of each topic there is an assessment, testing what you have learned and if you need to improve on any topics. A tutor marks these and are happy to help with any questions. I personally used Wolsey hall Oxford and they have been really helpful. Alternatively you could look into getting a private tutor who knows a syllabus well and is happy to help you achieve your goals.

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