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Hi all, it's nice to finally post here even though I finished my degree a number of years ago! Not sure if this is the right area for this, but thought there would probably be a wealth of knowledge around this subject so I thought I'd ask (feel free to move the post if needed).

I was hoping I could get some advice as technically this is a student issue. Currently my partner is in the final stretch of her 3rd year so very close to finishing!

I have been out of work since practically a year ago, however I have finally started a new role.

The problem we have is that I have been claiming Universal Credit between January and the beginning of May and now I have been asked to repay ALL of the money I received back.

This has happened because Universal Credit has taken 5 months to check my partners Maintenance Loan amount (we gave details of the maintenance loan when applying for UC) and because my partner is receiving a Maintenance Loan I do not receive any UC at all???

It is means tested so the payments depend on income, however the way they have calculated it the maintenance loan (per month) is barely enough to cover our rent, council tax and water bill let alone food!

Somehow this doesn't seem right - essentially I have no income and the maintenance loan is expected to cover BOTH our finances? Maintenance Loan are there to support the student not them and a partner, so why is UC expecting it to do that?

Any advice you can suggest will be extremely valuable and apologies if this doesn't come across in the simplest way because its not put us in the best mindset considering the timing with final exams happening and the issue is not straight forward. Many thanks in advance!

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