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Whats the most efficient way of revising English literature aqa for death a sales man , othello and keats?
Ive got exams next week and im dreading it 😩
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Heya, I've just done my English lit exam for igcses but I'm sure what revision techniques I used will still be applicable

- Type your key quotes in Quizlet and do them all at least once each day
- do exam practice questions for each of your texts, time yourself and write it physically down instead of typing it. I did this with the book I studied for practically every past question and it was so helpful
- make practice exam questions yourself similar to the ones you've seen, use similar phrases the questions use (I did relationships between each characters and others, just the character, and key moments in the book)
- my life line was this site called Litcharts. They analyse every scene, symbols and key moments so that really prepared me for the extract questions
- for each charachter I went through lit charts and looked through all the scenes/ parts they were in and then went back to the book to find quotes from that part

I was stressing out massively before the exam but honestly my prose and poetry question went so well because I had basically done each exam question before because of how I'd word them. I'll be doing the same technique with my drama text next week

I hope this helped! I know the exam boards we have are different but maybe something on here might make revision easier
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