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I go to this uni fairly close to my mum's house as I can't afford to move out. It's not very good. I don't really like it there and I'm not sure I'm getting everything I wanted to get out of university.
There is a nearer uni that I applied for originally. It wanted a slightly higher grade than the first one.
The first uni wanted BBB/BBC but gave me an unconditional, the second wanted AAB. I made the unconditional my insurance and the second uni was my first choice.
On results day I got ABB so even though I asked the second uni to reconsider I wound up going to the first one (they said they had an unusually large number of applicants that year and were only accepting the people who made the grade or higher)
The second uni, when they turned me down, said that if I could get an average grade of 2:2 then maybe they could think about transferring, but told me that as there was not much of the first uni's course that aligned with their course, if I failed an assignment then transferring would be impossible.
They said if I did fail an assignment my best shot would be starting over completely, including resitting the A level or an equivalent test they would give me, or doing a foundation year. Possibly both.
I am nearing the end of year 1, I've done 7 assessments, I have all but one of my grades back, and my average grade is 67%. 5 of these grades are worth a first, but I got 38% (a fail) on one assignment worth 20% of my mark for that module.
So this other uni asked for a 2:2 minimum, and I'm working at a 2:1 average, but they also said that I couldn't fail a single assignment, and I failed one assignment by 2%
Is it worth trying to transfer?
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Ask them.

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