Does social identity always cause intergroup violence?

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I understand how it CAN be the cause of violence and conflict between different groups but are there any arguments as to how other factors other than social identity cause intergroup violence?

Please leave links so I can check them out
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Habitual criminality, thuggery, envy, money and personal hatred are the main causes of conflict between people.
Not social identity, religion or tribal factors.
Those are merely used as a convenient excuse.

Henry VIII turned on the catholic church because the pope wouldn't give him what he wanted: the annulment of his marriage to catherine of aragon so that he could legally marry anne boleyn.
He also wanted the political power that the pope had for himself and he wanted to grab all the catholic church's wealth in england.

Look up the situation that occurred in northern ireland during the troubles.
The breakdown of law & order had resulted in constant sectarian violence on the streets between two feuding terror factions that wanted to murder each other and frequent infighting inside each of the factions.
The uda and uvf were both unionist loyalists who declared themselves at war with republican nationalists.
The uda is notorious for killing more unionist loyalists than the republican nationalists that they aimed to target.
The republican nationalist official ira and provos often had violent disputes with each other, which ended with republican nationalists murdering each other.
Decades earlier in southern ireland, Michael Collins was a republican nationalists murdered by fellow republican nationalists who opposed a treaty with the british government that he signed and supported.

Criminality, thuggery, envy and personal hatred.
Violence plus a disregard for the law.
Often motivated by uncontrolled thuggery, envy and personal hatred.

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