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I'm a third year mathematics student currently on a year abroad and i'm considering dropping out of uni to persue a career in music. For some context, i've been playing music professionaly alongside my studies and music has been a life long passion of mine. I frequently get offered paid freelance work (touring, writing etc) and more recently i've been offered work as a sound engineer/studio musician for a label. Music is the only thing i can really see myself doing but finishing uni has been something that's been getting in the way of me doing so. I dont care about uni at all anymore, its not leading me where i want to go, i hate every assignment i do, i've been failing exams and getting poor grades and the pressure and disatisfaction i find in everything i do is seriously damaging my mental health. I feel trapped and the feeling that everything im doing is pointless is making me feel worthless. The reasons i'm still studying are, at the moment i'm on a year abroad which i am enjoying but the studying has been a massive challenge for me here too (travelling is great but the work has been killing me). There's the worry that i've wasted 3 years and alot of money if i drop out now and my family do not support this thinking at all. They've always said "its just another year, you're halfway through you cant stop, think of the time and money you've wasted etc..." and to them music is'nt a real career despite the fact that i'm very accomplished and capable of making it a career. Lots of people think i should wait to persue music until i have my degree but i'm not sure i can put myself through this anymore. Especially since my final year next year will be far more challenging than everything i've been through already. What do you think would be the best thing for me to do and do any of you have similar experiences?

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