I keep getting bad cramp in my feet? Watch

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When I was younger, like year 6 and year 7 I used to get really bad cramp spasms in my left foot which would last like 20 minutes with me on the floor in tears squeezing my foot with ice on it and it usually stopped after a while. It was so random, I would be walking to the shop and randomly I’d feel the muscles in my foot tightening and I would know straight away i was getting cramp but it usually happened when I was doing gymnastics when I would point my toes and stuff. But anyway I’ve not had it since, but yesterday night I was walking around the house and my foot began tightening and I had cramp for about half an hour on the floor in pain and my mum was like stop exaggerating and left me upstairs but it honestly was such a bad pain. I’m currently in year 10, so 3 years later it’s happening again but I really can’t think of what the issue is because I don’t do gymnastics anymore and it’s always random. Any suggestions what the root to the problem could be?
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This is something you should probably go to a doctor about rather than asking people on a fitness forum with no medical knowledge. The only obvious thing I could suggest is to make sure you're not dehydrated, but seeing as you always get it in the same place, on the same foot, it might be a medical issue.

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