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So I am a twin and my bf is also a twin. His brother and my sister is dating and we look exactly alike. Yesterday, we had a party and then everything was dark and of course we were all drunk. Then my sis accidentally kissed my bf thinking he was hers and I did the same to her bf without actually knowing who he really was. And my bf thought it was me so he did some dirty stuff and so did his bro. So now, when we realised that somehow we were in the same situation, I didn’t know what to do. It is actually quite funny.
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Well, this doesn't sound like something that actually happened, but if it did, it doesn't sound like grounds for any hard feelings. Seems like it was honest mistakes all round.

I remember watching a Buster Keaton movie where his love interest is one of a pair of twins and he keeps kissing the wrong one. In the end he takes a permanent marker and draws an X on his girlfriend's neck so he can tell the difference! Maybe you should do that?

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