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I need advice, I don’t know how to stop.

I’ll explain how I feel, although it’s hard to get across. I honestly can’t stop thinking about clothes and how people dress. I’m constantly thinking about what I wear and making note of what other people wear around me and it’s become an obsession. It’s confusing. It’s like I want to fit in and wear what everyone else is wearing. I constantly worry if what I’m thinking about going for is chavy or not fashionable. It’s like I’ll lots of boys at my school wearing “chav” clothing but yet when I’m out I’ll see guys wearing nice clothing but if I see a group of boys wearing “chavy clothing” or on Instagram a group or them wearing their Armani, full tracksuits etc it just confuses me and makes me feel upset because I don’t like it but I feel like I have to be like that. I don’t know what to do it’s constantly on my mind. I can’t just wear what I find comfortable anymore because I don’t know what I like and I’ve lost my identity. I think it’s body confidence but also peer pressure. I have autism( not severe or anything) which I think may be a cause. When I speak to people about it they don’t understand and they think it’s just a minor thing and they don’t understand that I’m thinking about this all the time. It’s so complicated to explain/understand but I genuinely cannot do this anymore it’s driving me mad. I just want to be like the average person I don’t know what to do. It’s become an obsession and I know I’m not okay it’s something that’s seriously damaging my mental health. I can’t stop making notes of what people are wearing I feel like I could explode sometimes. I’ve tried explaining to my councillor at school but she just doesn’t understand she always says but everyone else are all different.

I really hope I’ve explained it it’s hard to explain but I hope like you get what I mean. I just wish I could stop feeling like this. I feel trapped.

It’s not just clothing although it’s something I’m always thinking about it’s also sexuality, haircut, body, what I like, how I choose to decorate my room etc.

I’d really appreciate if people could help me, relate, give advice, or say what you think I should do. And what you as a person consider nice to wear, and present yourself.
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It’s about self-satisfaction. That’s what you’re missing. Once you get satisfied with what you posses, you’ll feel much better. You should also stop worrying about other people’s concerns. When you’re scanning what everyone does or have, you’ll have it hard to adapt with your life. So it’s best to focus on yourself only. Ps none of them is really concerned with what you’re wearing or what haircut you have. So you should really enjoy wearing what you like. Just enjoy doing what you like. As far as you’re not affecting other people with what you’re doing. You really don’t have to worry about anyone else. Live your life fam.

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