Has anyone done the psychology conversion course at Liverpool hope university ?

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thinking about going there next year to study this so would appreciate answers relating to work load ?
Liverpool Hope University
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Hi Ryan_90

Great to hear that you are interested in our Psychology MSc course.

The course is 12 months in duration for full time students and 27 months if you wish to study part time.

The course consists of four 30-credit taught modules and an individual research project leading to the Research Dissertation (60 credits).

Brain and Mind (30 credits): Brain and Mind covers the topics in Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience including history of these areas. This includes psychobiological and cognitive explanations to behaviour and communication, perception, attention, memory, learning, thinking and emotion.

Individual and Group (30 credits): Individual and Group includes Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology and Personality/ Individual Differences including history. The module makes students familiar with theories of the development of psychological processes in evolution and lifelong learning.

Research Methods and Data Analysis 1 (30 credits): This module provides a comprehensive overview of a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative research methods and the necessary practical skills required for their application.

Research Methods and Data Analysis 2 (30 credits): This module introduces students to more advanced quantitative and qualitative methods, and builds upon Research Methods and Data Analysis 1.

Research Dissertation (60 credits): The dissertation module allows students to develop their own research project, including planning, designing, execution and presentation of research findings at postgraduate level. You will produce a report or publishable quality and format under supervision of an experienced member of the Psychology team.

If you wish to find out a breakdown of the assignments involved you can email the course leader Dr Simon Davies [email protected]

I hope this helps

(Original post by Ryan__90)
thinking about going there next year to study this so would appreciate answers relating to work load ?

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