Is it realistically possible to do ALevels in one year? Watch

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I had a bad AS year at school and plan on doing online learning with Cloud Learn next year, fast tracking History (Edexcel), Philosophy, and Psychology (AQA) I want to do Law with KCL so I have to fast track them since KCL are strict on you completing your ALevels in a max 2 years.

I just want to know under the following conditions would it be possible to fast track ALevels:
6 days of study/learning a week
6-7 hours a day

I need A*AA to get into KCL Law and I was hoping this would be possible to achieve doing those hours, I am a hard worker and will work for what I want to achieve. It also happens that you do all your exams in the 2nd year of Alevels anyway so it'd only be catching up on learning which with the resources and 1:1 tutoring of Cloud Learn I would hope it'd be possible.

Is this realistic?
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I reckon its possible, you just need to be true to yourself that you're actually going to stick to that schedule and minimize all distractions (log out of social media for the entire year, etc.). And if you do stick to that schedule, make sure that course that you're doing is worth the money - check the reviews and see if anyone in a similar position to you had their desired outcome.

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