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I’ve got a place at Bath in September and am deciding between Eastwood and Westwood for accomodation. Is Westwood worth the extra money?

Also within Westwood, which block is best eg wolfson, Cotswold/ what are the differences?

Please help! X
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Hi there!

Thanks for your question and congrats on your Bath offer I lived in Westwood last year and I've seen a fair few Eastwood houses so I'll try and give you an insight.

Eastwood consists of houses of 11-13 people. There is 1 kitchen and communal toilets/showers shared by around 6 people. I think Eastwood has a lovely communal feel and a large social space. Some bedrooms have sinks in them and some don't, it depends on which house you are in. There's enough people to get a good mix so you'll likely find people who you really get on with

Westwood varies depending on which block you are in. Mendip, Quarry and Wolfson are horizontal flats (as far as I am aware these are the only horizontal blocks but I could have missed one) with 22 people in a long corridor. There are 3 kitchens, 2 large and 1 small and a communal shower/toilet space with around 6 toilets and 5 showers. I lived in Mendip in my first year. Mendip and Quarry are the only flats not to be refurbished for Westwood yet. Refurbished flats have 1 more sink and cooker per kitchen and generally a higher standard of finish. I really enjoyed my halls experience. The kitchen was quite small for 11 people sharing but everyone had different schedules so we made it work. My room was quite small but it had everything I needed - lots of storage space and a really big desk which was great. The communal bathrooms were absolutely fine - I never had an issue with having to wait. The corridor was a communal place to meet and talk to people and I really enjoyed having so many people in the flat; there were always people that you could talk to so you are bound to meet people you really get on with. Cotswold, Derhill, Quantock and Conygre are vertical flats with less people than the horizontal. There are 2 kitchens; one at the bottom and one at the top with bathrooms scattered in the middle. The rooms in these flats vary more in size but tend to be a bit bigger than the rooms in the horizontal flats. I have heard that sometimes the flat becomes a little segregated between top and bottom but I don't think this is really an issue. Again, there are lots of people to get on with.
In terms of 'best' Westwood block, it doesn't really matter and I guess it's personal preference - I really don't think horizontal/vertical makes a difference.

The finish of Eastwood and Westwood are very similar. I personally think that Westwood is not worth the extra money and it would be nice to live in a house in first year as you get a really nice community feel. Westwood you do have more people, which was super fun in freshers week, but you do end up only seeing the people in your kitchen most of the time. Whilst I enjoyed my time in Westwood and would still recommend it, I would personally choose Eastwood if I could choose again

Let me know if you have anymore questions

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