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Ah the old a level exam stress, yeh chemistry actually makes me wanna slam my face against a brick so much so that I had a little breakdown while revising and I completely flipped the **** because it feel like idk what I’m doing and that nothing is going in. This happened last week as well and now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even sleep properly because my brain won’t shut up on thinking of doubts for myself

Does anyone have any tips I can use to get a grip back on things , thanks
char lotte
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I know the feeling of wanting to slam my face into a brick when doing chem. My advice would be to take a step back. Have a day off (if you can) and tidy your room/ study area, organise your files and make a timetable. If you are really struggling with chem, set time aside every day (even if its just 20 mins) to catch up on what you can't do. If that means the entire spec then so be it. Listing out what i need to do often helps me and with a timetable at least you know that within the time space you have you will be able to cover everything.

With regards to sleep, it depends, if you can' t sleep because every time you try to sleep you panic about how you can't fall asleep then stop. I know this sounds like bull but my old therapist swore to me that if you are lying awake just letting your mind wander you are essentially in a very light sleep. This is because essentially it is doing what your mind does anyway while you are asleep. Just relax and stop counting how many hours it is until you have to get up. Let your mind wander. It works trust me.

If you can't sleep because of the doubts, hopefully doing the stuff I mentioned above will help. Try to out reason the logic your brain is creating

e.g. "I'm gonna fail all my exams" - I have organised myself to get on top of my exams and that won't happen, where is the proof that I will fail?

Please don't work yourself up too much, if your religious (I'm catholic) then handing over that stress and anxiety to God helps me but I understand not everyone sees the point in that.

Sheesh this is an essay and a half but please don't feel like you are alone in this because you are not, speak to your teachers or anyone because they want to help (its kinda their job)

Good luck, you'll be fine x
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