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I am looking to apply abroad in a University. I have read the requirements on unis abroad and one of them says this. Your qualification must be awarded by an institution listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools. I have asked about this and it says that the Uni I am going to is in the list, but with that i got this info which i dont know what it means:

It is important to note that the listing of a medical school in the World Directory of Medical Schools does not denote recognition, accreditation, or endorsement by the World Directory of Medical Schools or by the partner organizations publishing this directory, the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). Neither FAIMER nor WFME offer school accreditation. You can read more about WFME Accreditation Policy at https://wfme.org/accreditation/

Lets assume i am finishing Uni now and getting my qualification, (Ik that about UKMLA and brexit pls dont remind me ) My question is, the GMC currently says that "Your qualification must be awarded by an institution listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools", if my uni is on the list does that mean that it meets this criteria, or is there something important in that paragraph above I meantioned that means that I need to understand more about the qualification before I proceed.


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