Will it be enough to just learn the organic synthesis summary sheet Watch

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Since im really struggling to revise everything for chemistry and my other a levels as i just started revision last week, my bad ik i ****** up
i was wondering if just learning the reaction summary on this pdf will be at least half decent enough for paper 2 organic chem, im not expecting full marks or anything but i must gain at least some marks right since most of organic questions are about drawing the mechanism, conditions and name of reaction?
Again im not hoping for full marks or an A just wondering if this is ok to do as i rlly have too much to learn already
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yes ensure u memorise the full organic synthesis.
organic is muchhhh easier.
memorise this https://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/359182...n-pathways.pdf

memorise those mechanisms. it's difficult to remember them if uve only memorised them, so put them into practice (fastest way to memorise them)

go to physics and maths tutor and print out a paper for each chapter (that should only be 6 or 7 papers). this should only take u 7 ish hours to complete. it's the best way to prepare for ur exam.

next, do at least 3 NMR papers from physics and maths tutor

then memorise the purification steps from past papers. then u should be solid. u can do all of that in 1 day.

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