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What are you currently watching on Netflix?

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What If
Rupaul's drag race
Jessica Jones
The good place
Umbrella academy
To all the boys I've loved

Original post by angel.xo
any good series to watch after exams? gimme a list guys :smile:
Just finished The Society, What/If and Nailed It. The first 2 weren't amazing but enjoyable and everyone should watch Nailed It because it's HILARIOUS.
Currently watching Nailed It!, The Society, and Fuller House & recently just finished watching You vs Wild.
I watched 'When They See Us' on the weekend. It's a limited series about the Central Park Five. Really impactful and an important story. Super well made too. :smile: Would highly recommend if you're in the mood for something quite serious. It's four movie-length episodes.
Just finished The Ozark (loved it), currently watching Stranger Things (enjoying it).
season 5 is now confirmed :u:
Original post by Fermion.
Love that! Really hope it’s renewed
Designated Survivor
Just finished Schitt’s Creek 12/10 would recommend
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Original post by kurro
season 5 is now confirmed :u:

Omg I know! I saw it online. So excited!!
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When they see us.
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Just finished episode 3 of Black Mirror :colone:
DARK, almost thru ep 1 and it's got me hooked already
Original post by JMR2019.
Designated Survivor

This meme applies perfectly to the new season lol :
Hannibal series 3
greys anatomy
Luke Cage.

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