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Hi, so I know that not all A-Level Geography students do the same topics, but if anybody is studying Global Migration and Human Rights, what are some good ways to revise it? My geo teacher was absent for a lot of the teaching due to problems at home but she won't go over it in revision with us because there's a harder topic on the paper that we're fine with but she's convinced we're going to fail.
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I didn't study human rights so can't help you there.
I did however study international migration:

- Study the theory of migration, gthat will hel you better explain why migration pattersn look liek they do (Zipfs Distance Decay; The Gravity model, Stouffers intervening oppurtunty model). Talk abut the nature - are the diaspora satying in inner-city areas, clustered in 'ghettos', or are they spreading accross the country into smaller towns villages,

- When looking at the causes try and cover a wide range. (Obviously the back bone will be Lees (1961) Push/Pull model). Ie political factors - freedom of movement, Australian points based migration. Hard barriers - Melilla and Morocco, the US/Mexico border wall, the Berlin wall. Financial, can they afford to move; the setting up and closing down costs. Physical geography (Cause - ie the Monsterrat evacuation), look at how difficut it is for an African migrant to come to Europe - crossing the Shara then the Mediterrenian sea. Cultural ties, people in LICs will go to HICs they have colonial ties with, Jewish migration to Israel etc

- When looking at the impacts cover both postive and negative, social and economic and how both source and destination have been affected. Its good to differentiate between these and make evauative statemtents (ie Polish migration to the UK has been undoubtly economically beneficial, yet socially quite negative, especially destructive in localised areas).

In terms of revising it, try flashcards for the specifca facts of the case studies, but past paper questions are the besy way to revise, get used to what the examine tends to use to format their question. Its important to actually use and apply your knowledge if you want to learn it.

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