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gcse media eduqas question: please give me feedback:)

question: explain how a film might reach a global audience, refer to spectre. (12 marks)

my answer:
A film might reach a global audience through its viral marketing, which Spectre did by having a bespoke website (including video clips of the premiere and behind the scenes of production), a spectre channel on snapchat and an interactive filter that people could use to take selfies (further promoting the film), and lastly the hashtag #spectre which was encouraged to be used by fans across all social media platforms (including instagram, twitter and facebook). These components accumulate to maximise the exposure of the film, which builds up global excitement during the upcoming weeks to the films release at the cinema.

Another way is through referencing other cultures in the film and its marketing. Spectre did this by having the opening scene at a 'Mexican Day of the Dead Festival' and including skeleton-style costumes in the advertisement posters for the film. This may have attracted Mexican audiences that wouldn't have initially been interested in the James Bond franchise. As this franchise's demographic is mainly the US and the UK (including other European countries). This inclusion of other cultures once again increases the likelihood of Spectre reaching a mass, global audience because the film is appealing to more people.

would be really helpful if you could give me feedback on anything I missed out, or if I wrote anything that wasn't relevant (how my answer can be more concise)
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