10 Myths the International Students should ignore about studying in the UK. Watch

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10 Myths the International Students should ignore about studying in the UK.

This weeks ‘International Students Guide to studying in the United Kingdom’, will tackle 10 myths that International Students should ignore about studying in the UK. The UK has the world’s strongest and best Higher Education institution, since it is a great place to study and grow as a working adult.

Students studying in the United Kingdom drink all the time. :beerglass:

The truth is that the UK has a long history of drinking alcohol. In Victorian Britain, the pub, and therefore by extension alcohol, was the social centre of a community. In a lot of ways, this is still the case, however, according to the office for national statistics, the amount of 18-24 year olds that are drinking is steadily declining. There are lots of clubs and societies for students to join which is a great way to make friends while at university. Therefore, if you do not want to consume alcohol at university you do not have to.

It rains all the time in the UK. :flower:

While it is possible to go through 4 seasons of weather in a typical British day, it would be untrue to say that it rains all the time in the UK. Summers in the UK are great opportunities to explore some of our great cities, beautiful country walks and historical seaside resorts. We Brits love nothing more than a sunny summer’s day.

The food in Britain is awful. :eating:

This myth has its roots in the aftermath of the Second World War. While most of the world went back to normal eating habits after the war, in Britain rationing did not officially end until 1954, nine years after the conflict ended. This meant that Britain developed a reputation for boring food. However, today Britain is a hub for multi-cultural cuisines.

The United Kingdom and England is the same thing?

Great Britain, British Isles, United Kingdom… it can all get a bit confusing. What you will need to know is that the UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Choosing to study in any of these great countries will offer a unique experience which will make your time in the UK very special.

It will be hard to make friends as British people are too reserved and proper.:bhangra:

This is a stereotype straight out of Hollywood. While we do really appreciate manors and cannot stand queue jumping, we Brits are very friendly. As an international student, most Brits will help you feel right at home.

It is way too expensive to live in the UK. :headfire:

While studying in London will be expensive living outside the capital can be a lot more affordable. However, getting hold of an NUS student card and accessing all the student discounts available can be a great way to save some cash.

Do I need IELTS if I speak English? :groovy:

If you have been taught professionally in English then you may not need an IELTS, however, you may need one for VISA purposes.

How long is an undergraduate degree in the UK? :congrats:

Typically, an undergraduate degree will take three years to complete fulltime.

Does food come with accommodation? :banana:

It completely depends on which university you attend and which halls of residence you stay in.

If I study outside of London I won’t be able to visit the capital and easily access the main European continent? :bee2:

One of the best things about living in the UK is that we have an amazing public transport system which can get you to all the places you want to visit. All the major cities have affordable city buses/trams and can easily be accessed by our affordable train network. You can also fly on a budget airline to the continent to see the Colosseum or Notre Dame Cathedral.

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Hi - sorry you haven't had a response to this yet. I'm just going to bump the thread in the hope that someone sees this and can help

Why do I do this?

The Universities forums get a lot of questions that are unanswered. This is often because the OP's thread got missed - bumping threads gives them another lease of life and frequently results in someone seeing it and being able to respond

If you would like to help with unanswered questions check out the first part of the list here and don't forget the second part of the list here.

Or if you have questions, get in touch with Puddles the Monkey.

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