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Hello everyone,

I'm new in this forum, I'm applying for a MA in Japanese Studies at SOAS this year and would like to find people with some experiece with this programme or university. As an overseas student, this whole application thing is quite new for me since applications in my country seem way less "serious" compare dto the UK. Can anyone help me with these questions?

- Is it too difficult to get accepted at SOAS? I have some relevant working experience but my academic records are just 7.2/10 points. Just slightly above the minimum (7/10).
- How would you approach the Personal Statement, this is the first time I have to write one for a study programme.
- Would you write about your future dissertation topic? Some websites related to soas say yes some say no.
- The pdf guide also states that your CV should have "no gaps". Does it means That I have to mention every month not working too? I spent several months studying full time for the JLPT N2 as a self-learner. Failed for 10 points in the reading. I don't know if I should mention that period since I failed (I only had a N4 level when I started studying, it was pretty much a suicide).
- Anyone currently applying or doing this MA? Is it really as good as it sounds like? Moving to the UK will mean a really presonal and economical effort, but I hope it will be worth it

Thank you for your help!
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I'm also pretty interested I some answers because SOAS has mixed reviews in TSR
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I got accepted on this programme earlier this year. I also attended the open evening. I pretty much think they accept everyone who meet minimum criteria and are not widely off the subject area in their dissertations/future aspirations, e.g. want to a dissertation on French literature in the Japanese studies department!). Apparently they get quite a few of those.Personal statement - you should mention your experience with Japanese, future aspirations. It’s good to mention what you would like your dissertation to be on, but not necessary. They told us at the open evening that lots of people change their mind in the first month or two of starting. Dissertation outline is not due until term 2. I can’t tell yet about the quality of teaching, but I talked with some former students and they seemed happy.

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