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I spend many days on one because I find it really tough to churn out a 250-500 word mini-essay. I'm always worried that I'm not answering the question or not writing enough of what they want to see. How long do you spend?

With regard to research, I spend hours researching because I don't really know what kind of research to put into my apps, and I'm constantly trying to write about myself around the research that I've found. It seems so artificial sometimes ugh.

For questions such as "why law" or "please detail your achievements, responsibilities etc.", is there any need to do firm research for such questions or do you keep research to the "why this firm" question? If it is the latter, do you just copy and paste? Would really be grateful for any insights!
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Regarding what kind of research to put in your app, you could include things like: what attracts you to the training contract - is it the seat options? Is it the fact that the firm offers 4 or 6 month seats. Is it the range of clients they serve? Are they a leading firm in the areas you are interested in? Do they have a large/small trainee intake and why do you like that? Has there been a recent case that the firm has worked on that has been of interest to you and why?

For why law, this is just about why you decided to pursue law in the first place. Obviously if you are applying to a commercial law firm then don't say you were attracted to law because of criminal justice.

Again the part about achievements and responsibilities, this is about you and you don't need to tailor it as such to the firm. Include the roles that you have had at university and any academic and volunteering achievements etc.

The 'why this firm' question is where you pack all your research into the answer but do not copy and paste! The people that read your application are most likely the ones who wrote the graduate recruitment page on the website so they will know when you have copied and pasted. Take the points in your research and explain why you are attracted to that particular point about the firm. Don't focus much on the firm's pro bono work as that doesn't bring in money for the firm.

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