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I received a 52 on Turnitin from an assignment which was an unwelcome surprise. The lowest essay mark I ever had was 65 and I usually average in the 75% range. The mark brings my overall average down which is something that I'm already worried about with my university forcing me to complete a language alongside all my business modules.

Some of the comments I received said a "good effort" with "relevant models and ideas" but too many graphs (I had 3 for a 2000 word essay) and some improper citation:
The citation was Harvard referencing, I put two authors down e.g. (Smith and Jones, 2012) and the other, I named the author and book Smith's Globalisation etc. then wrote some text (Smith, 2011). The marker gave me a link but the link itself does not work, or lead me to an operational website.

The topic was so general that I tried to include all key aspects that were mentioned within the lecture slides and all graphs made sense within the context of the writing. The marker misspelled "relevant" twice which in itself makes me question them! The rubric for the Turnitin is not available so I got some short feedback and some feedback in the general text.
There was one mention of a punctuation error:

However, with this, rich multinational companies with controversial levels of power have risen and thus, the resulting mixture sometimes brands globalisation as being a "new form of imperialism"

Also, my uni states a mark in the 50% range to be:
(55 - 59%)
Concise but accurate. Based largely on lecture material. Information presented clearly but lacking any originality, tending to be descriptive in approach. Limited evidence of reading beyond the basic texts.
(50 - 54%)
As above but with occasional lapses of accuracy or logic.

I definitely did read beyond basic texts and even though it was not perfect I don't think I had "lapses" of logic within the essay.
I don't know whether I should just let it go or question them about it? My semester 1 grades for the module were 75 & 71 so this just irks me! :/
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