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Got a Problem with my Voice Since I got a flu 2 years ago. Story goes liek this... Right I got a flu lost it after phlem blocked my throat so had to breath in my nose for a while. And after that I Lost it compelty or 2 weeks then it slowly started coming back but it has never been the same in its sound since That time i lost it in Spring 2017. Now 2019 june.... WHAT THE HELLS GOIN ON WITH IT. Need advice here.

Done some reseatch online and I saw it say that brain tumors might be a cause of voice changes. Making me worried but then again Why did it only cahnge after my flu. AND WHY WONT IT GO NORMAL AGAIn. for e.g i hear it as nromal in my head most time its bearable and clsoe to what it was before flu . Howevere i heard it on recoring today and I hated the sound. It is nothing how i hear it in my head. Its to damn low at same time as Limited and stuffy sounding to others hears apart from my own. The camera dont lie either. And i heard a recording of my voice and In my head it sounds like waht it did before my flu made my voice go and when i listen on recorin it dont sound like what it did before.

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