Is this a good paragraph for an Othello essay?

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question: How does Shakespeare present appearance vs reality in Othello.

Shakespeare presents the theme of appearance vs reality through Iago’s monologue in act 1; Iago says “Though I do hate him as I do hells pains. Yet for necessity of present life I must show out of flag and sign of love.” Shakespeare uses the noun “Necessity” to emphasise how essential it is for Iago to hide his true appearance; the use of the verb “Hate” further declares how Iago truly dislikes Othello, this is compared to “hells pains” which suggests that Iago is going through torture when being around Othello because he has to hide his reality. Shakespeare also uses the auxiliary verb “I must” to point out that it is fundamental for Iago to put on a persona and hide his true nature. At the end of the quote it says “sign of love” which finally shows what Iago must appear as; Shakespeare uses this quote to portray the theme of appearance vs reality. Furthermore, Shakespeare portrays the theme of appearance vs reality through the manipulative character of Iago; Iago exclaims that “I am not what I am” broadly suggesting that he is hiding his true nature and changing his appearance towards others. Shakespeare uses the repetition of the noun “I” to emphasise that Iago is the one who’s appearance differs to his reality. Shakespeare makes Iago say this to highlight the dramatic irony; the audience at the time would be aware that Iago is manipulating his appearance in contrast to the characters in the play, the use of this technique by Shakespeare builds to the climax at the end. Shakespeare uses this powerful sentence to advocate the theme of appearance vs reality through the character of Iago.
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I’m no English teacher lol but maybe weave in some context if you can? I can’t see any A03 or A05, also maybe ask yourself why Shakespeare might have done this other than to present the theme of appearance vs reality. But the language analysis is really good

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