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I know this paper was yesterday but heres some things I spoke about ( I can barely remember, as I had another exam today so bare with me):

1)Unseen= The whole passage focuses on business.
1st Para:
- Focus on cognition. Repetition of "thought" and "mind" --> shows busy mind of a business person, emphasises the persons importance to her.
- Musical descriptions e.g. drum adds to feeling of fate coming in.
- Market imagery "product", "rate"and " market". Context= of consumerism, mass production.
- Nature imagery to show healthy business and growth of economy & fruit to show hunger for success. Colour imagery of "green" shows money and hope/ AD. Context= American literature constantly uses image of a Garden, Eden etc.

2nd Para=
- Change of tone
- Shows hard work needed "mud", "bare hands". Context = I spoke about the American Dream's promises and Individualism. However the fact that her clothes are still "shabby" shows that the AD may just be an illusion or is a very slow process.
- "The New Woman of Business" personification of business. Context = The new woman was educated, independent etc.
- Animalistic imagery "monster" and "octopus" in last bit changes the tone again and seems out of place in an environment of business which is serious and mundane. Also, a bit disturbing, shows downsides of success.

2) Gatsby and Age of Innocence: Fresh Starts
- The New Woman = fresh start for women, freedom etc. Linked to Jordan as a successful golfer.
- Migration & travel. Nick travelling for business "A pathfinder", Daisy's and Toms consistent holidays, Gatsby moving away from poor upbringing, Ellen escaping from husband. I linked this to Escapism too. That people wanted a fresh start in order to escape from unpleasant situations. Also linked to cultural & racial diversity, which effected new trends/music/dance etc just as Jazz. I linked this to Tom's views.
- The promises of The American Dream. Gatsby reinvents himself, changed his name.
- Spoke about how 1920s was a time of new technology etc. After War people had a new way of thinking and a new lifestyle = Roaring Twenties --> Hedonism and leisure.
- Declaration of independence
- Spoke about freedom & liberation.

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