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I am struggling to find ways to revise and for stuff to fully stick and constantly worried about my upcoming tests and exams in Year 10 any advice??
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Here’s the method I use.
The first step is to plan for revision. This includes making a revision list of all your topics with the help of your specification. Then use folders to put these sheets in subject folders.

The next step is to Understand. This stage involves making revision notes from your textbook and revision guide and class book. These notes should be detailed and precise, with all the information you need for your exams so you don’t need to refer back to your textbook or class book. These revision notes can take the form as A4 sheets, mind maps or revision cards (as long as it’s detailed). When making revision notes, ensure to read around the subject online. For example when making notes on the movement of blood flow in the heart. Whilst making the notes, watch a YouTube video of blood flowing round the heart to solidify your understanding. Or if your revising Poetry, use Wikipedia to make extra notes on the poet and their life. Going beyond the textbook will ensure you have a wide understanding of the topic. Do these for each topics and file them in your folders. Remember to take breaks between revision.

The next stage is memory. This involves condensing your revision into smaller notes which are in 4 formats:written, visual, interactive and audio. Remember condensing your revision doesn’t need to be limited to one of these formats
Rewriting notes as summaries is an example of condensing notes. Ensure you aren’t just copying from your revision notes, but cherry picking key information
Use mind maps and posters to make pretty and colourful mind maps to help you remember information. Use diagrams or little cartoon drawings as “cues” to certain information. For example for photosynthesis, a sun picture-as light energy is required.
Use your phone recorder or camera to record audio of you speaking aloud a topic. This will allow you to learn the information and recall it in the car, in the shower,etc.
This is through “games”. For example cut out key words on little pieces of paper and definitions and do a ‘match up’ type game to help remember the knowledge.

Hope this helped. Feel free to ask me anymore questions!

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