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Anyone do media in aqa sociology paper 2 today. I didn’t do too good on the 10 markers but couldn’t find many people doing media so here’s what I did.😊
Q1: dependency ratio=more workers pay tax for NHS=less income for families.
Increased retirement age=parents need to find diff childcare for children=costly.
Q2: children may feel responsible for parents divorce, lack role model in the home.
Reconstituted families=positive for children as they have ‘friend’ in childhood.
Q3: feminism: women have dual burden, triple shift, emotion work.
Domestic violence - dobash and dobash. ( criticism - happens to men too ignored in feminism)
Functionalism: nuclear family=universal (Murdock) Parsons-primary socialisation, stabilise adult personality.
Marxism: family aids capitalism, Althusser=ISA. Produces obedient workers.
New right: modern nuclear family (Murray.)
Postmodernism: family social construct, post-fordist=responds to changing society and evolving family structures.
Q1: women stereotyped but audience doesn’t have to read/accept message and can create their own.
Not just women stereotyped, celebrities like David beckham are stereotyped in media.
Q2: negative effect: copycat violence, Bobo doll and Jamie bulger. Limit this through putting age ratings on TV/ games.
Positive effect: acts as carthasis so we don’t have to be violent in real life. sensitises us to violence. BUT people may still be violent in real life still aswell.
Q3: Marxism - dominant ideology, false consciousness, rich owners rule media e.g murdoch.
Pluralism - we can choose to accept or reject media ideologies, citizen journalism undermines trad media owners, media can’t produce biased ideologies because they compete for audiences.
Postmodernism - media has developed to meet audiences needs.
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.
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The new media 10 marker on women asks you to outline and explain two ways in which the new media challenges the stereotypical media representations of women. This could include social media, global protest and through video game portrayals, as an example of two potential answers. Thus, you haven’t actually answered what the question demands of you.
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