clamp down on disability discrimination within universities

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Dear Friends, I just added the petition "clamp down on disability discrimination within universities". It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because: This is important because the university in question treats their disabled students very poorly by not adhering to the Equality Act 2010, and other provisions such as the DDS and education plans of the disabled students, which places them at a disadvantage. Moreover, when complaints are raised by the students they are bullied and the establishment fails to carry out thorough investigations instead they try and remove students off the course by bestowing low grades and refusing to give advice on work. More importantly, in recent years the LSBU have had staff members sue them for disability discrimination so its clear there is a on-going problem at the university. Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue. After you've signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others.

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