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Sounds a good system, from what one of my lecturers told me they do random sampling moderation internally and externally.
Aye, the percentage-based ones will be random where I work. It's all anonymised anyway, of course, so no risk to the students.
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I know from conversations with my own lecturers that academics tend to more generous when marking first year work. Most academics realise that the school to university shift is hard for some people to adjust too, and don't penalise them for it. During second year, markers tend to become more strict. As you are getting good marks across both years, I would say it is quite likely that your uni is generous to first years.Newer universities also tend to be more willing to give higher marks more often than older and more 'established' ones. This makes it hard to compare marking policies. New universities need to prove themselves on the ranking tables to attract good students and funding. Of course, age of university doesn't necessarily equal quality (despite what the Russell Group likes to say). Older unis often coast on their reputations, knowing that people will continue to apply because employers recognise the name value. Some Russell Group unis really shouldn't have such a good reputation - they are getting by on excellence from decades ago. Because the employers of today were students back then, however, the name of the uni has value in their minds.(And before somebody says I'm bitter against the Russell Group, I am a postgrad at the University of Oxford, and got a First at undergrad from the University of Birmingham.)

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