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Hi all,

I had an interview yday for a position within the civil service yday. The slot comprised of a ten minute presentation and then strength/behaviour based questions after. Was advised it would take an hour to complete the process.

I’m rather confused of the reactions I received during the process. They stated before my presentation they would ask questions but nothing was asked? I didn’t go over the time allocated, was maybe 8-9 minutes long.

Then following this, I had the strength/behaviour questions. All of which I answered truthfully and the best I could. What I found strange yet again, was that I did not get a single probing question. When your not hitting the requirements they are suppose to probe the answer out of you?? Each question was timed too which threw me off. Everything was answered though. Whole experience lasted an hour.

Guess I’m just feeling maybe something switched them off straight away? Very annoyed as so much spare time and planning went into this interview (really wanted the job). My comps that I had prepared for the structure part, I never used. Again very annoying! Feel my behaviour examples may have let me down but feel the strengths part was fine.

They were engaged, listening, nodding and writing down the whole time. Panel consisted of three people.

Maybe important to note the 4 job stages: application - sit judg - group and written - presentation + interview.

Any thoughts? Anyone else had a similar response from the new approach?

Sorry for the rant, I know it’s not looking good haha!
Lucy Moo
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Did you even consider the possibility that the reason they did not ask you probing questions was because your answers were to a required standard to begin with?..

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