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I couldn’t find an unofficial mark scheme for this paper today so thought I’d make one, I can’t remember much of the questions so let me know any I’ve forgotten.

Approaches -
1 mark multiple choice about genotype/phenotype
Answer - I put that the environment influences genotype
2 marks Role of the unconscious
Answer - Wasn’t sure but wrote about defence mechanisms
6 marks application mediational processes
Answer - attention retention motor production motivation applied to Tiger
2 marks Percentage increase
Answer - I think 86/87% can’t remember which
2 marks why more boys
Answer - Because same sex role model
2 marks how would you increase females
Answer - get a female role model in the advert too
8 marks outline and evaluate Wundts role in the development of psychology as a science

Bio psychology -
1 mark Which brain scanning technique provides detailed area of the brain in response to a task
Answer - FMRI
3 marks for neuron pictures and 3 multiple choice
Answer - wasn’t sure as I’d never seen pictures!
4 marks on function of endocrine system and a hormone released by a gland other than adrenal glands
Answer - function is to secrete hormones to regulate functions and to provide a chemical system of communication in the bloodstream. Example I did pituitary releases ACTH
16 marker application on brain localisation and lateralisation

Research methods
1 mark Multiple choice about reliability
Answer - I put that it’s about consistency
2 marks Why is a reference section included in a report
Answer - wasn’t sure but I put you have to give credit, prevents copyright etc
1 mark the Multiple choice about the scenario conditions
Answer - that group A and B are IV happiness is Dv
2 marks on whether the hypothesis should be directional or non directional
Answer - I put non directional as no previous research had already been carried out
Write a hypothesis 3 marks
4 mark Question about matching pairs and allocation
Answer - I said match on a variable such as amount of exercise they already do and then randomly allocate by putting the names of the pair in a hat and first one picked is Group A second is group B
2/3 marks on why is matched pairs better than repeated measures
Answer - I wrote about how there isnt any order effects so won’t need to counterbalance
2 marks work out the value of S
Answer - I put 1 but no idea if this is right
4 marks stats test with the value of S
Answer - I said it was significant but may just be error carried forward from getting 1 as value of S
4 marks about concurrent validity
4 marks about how knowing the conditions may have affected validity
Answer - I wrote about experimenter bias, but struggled to develop this to 4 marks
4 marks about improving validity
Answer - I wrote about making it blind so that there’s no experimenter bias? But idk
4 marks - stats test
I put chi square let me know if you got same or different!
12 marks design a study
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Report 9 months ago
I really didn't vibe with this paper.... like the content was so obscure and I found it disappointing that there was no approached 16 marker

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