Should I resit 2 of my modules for this year? Watch

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I sat 3 modules in the first term this year. On one module there were 3 assessments and my average at the end was a 64%, or a 2:i.
On the other 2 modules, both of which have 2 assessments each, I got one grade in the mid 50s and one in the mid 60s, and my overall grade for each module was a 58% and a 59%. So just short of a 2:i.
I'm in first year right now, I still have another 2 assessments from this term due within the next couple of weeks, and I would have to redo both essays for both modules, so 4 essays, but I could just make some edits to the originals and upload it, and all I'd need is a couple more marks on each one to get my grade up into a 2:i. The deadline for resubmissions is next Friday. As it's first year these grades no longer count in September, all that matters is that they are passes.
I have my pass, and I have other stuff to do this week - I need to begin the move out of halls and still have to finish the 2 assessments due for courses this term, and while I know the first year grade doesn't count come September, it's really annoying that I'm one percent for one and two percent for the other off having all 2:i grades for my first term. Especially since in second term so far I've earned all either first or 2:i grades.
Is it worth the effort to resit?
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Why would you be permitted resits if you have passed? Did you have exceptional circumstances granted?

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