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Although the exams are fully completed for A Level English Language, I couldn't find any threads on how people found the exams so gathered I'd make one.

Let me know how you thought about each exam!
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History: I thought the history was pretty nice. The time period given was especially generous, as you can apply a loooooot of context to it. I found most of the context originates from the 1500s-1600s. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the year I think it went okay; however, part of me doesn't wanna say that and then do terribly, haha.
Identity: A lot of my classmates found the question was worded quite weirdly as it was about the way the interviewers present the interviewees. I mean, I just considered the paragraphs at the beginning and how they each described the interviewees, as well as the language they used to present the interviewees. Aside from that, I focused mostly on the direct quotes and stuff. I do agree the wording was kinda weird Let's just hope it still went okay!

Two words: six extracts.
In an hour!! I thought it was too little time to write about this many extracts in depth. I only just managed to finish on time... The last extract I wrote about was super rushed though I don't understand why they would give us six extracts! I mean, last year had four and I thought that was quite a lot... When I opened that exam paper, I just kept going and going and going... Aside from the fact there were six extracts, I think it went okay, pretty well. But again, I'm never quite sure how I've done in exams. Optimistic approach, I guess!

I did the 'Language and Power' section to do with school behavioural management. I thought the transcript was okay, although unexpected as I had only practised on things that weren't speaking... But it was fine. I think that went okay... The actual investigation thingy ma bob I found quite difficult to write everything in the time again, sadly. I was unable to finish my evaluation for it, so I don't think this paper went too well. I thought my time management was adequate until it came to the last 15 mins and I was like... oh God, I have tons to write!!!

How did it go for you?
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