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I am from Austria and I got an offer from the following universities (in International/Global Political Economy):
University of Birmingham
University of Sheffield
University of Sussex
University of Warwick

I could not go to the open days but I read a lot about these universities in this forum. Unfortunately, I could not really find program specific information. I have already contacted the universities but could not get any relevant information either.

I would be really happy to get information that is not stated on the websites. Is there anyone who could help me a little?

- How do you like the program?

- How is the workload? How many pages do you have to read each weak
Do you also have free-time (at least a bit)? Do you know if there is a
big difference between e.g. Warwick and Birmingham (work-load)?

- Is it difficult to pass and do many people fail?

- How is the program organized throughout the year (calendar, break,
reading week?) -> I could not find any information, so is it the same
calendar like in undergraduate (except no summer holidays)?

- do you know someone who got a job with this degree? Which job?

In Austria there is a completely different university system, therefore I would like to get information that is maybe obvious for some students but maybe not for me. I would really appreciate your help. Feel free to write anything that you think is important.

Thank you


PS: Please also contact me if you are an offer holder.
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Moved to Postgraduate Applications forum.

There aren't many current postgraduate students active on TSR, so you may find it difficult to get specific responses. Maybe ask the universities if you could be put in contact with current students studying your chosen course.

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