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Study Interpretations 1 and 2. They give different views about the effects of the Tet Offensive on American attempts to win the Vietnam War. What is the main difference between these views?

The main difference between these two interpretations is the capability of winning on each side. The first interpretation seems confident that the Tet Offensive had been a "total failure for the communists", where out of 84,000, 58,000 had been killed - "wiping out the Vietcong". Whereas in interpretation 2, it seems that there is a major despondency about winning, evident in: "Vietnam war was not being won" and that it was time to "begin withdrawal".

Suggest one reason why Interpretations 1 and 2 give different views about the effects of the Tet Offensive on American attempts to win the Vietnam War. You may use Sources B and C to help explain your answer.

The main reason for the different views on each interpretation is to either create a patriotic persona or a more realistic approach to the downfall of the USA. Interpretation one wants to highlight the successes of the USA, establishing a more dominant countenance with "pressure on the enemy would make victory certain". Source C continues to prove this need for success as it shows only the side of the US defeating the Vietcong. However, interpretation 2 has a different view to highlight the facts without any patriotic motif. It says that American was "ready to negotiate peace", meaning that the USA is not as strong as they seem. Source B also confirms this with "local police looked terrified" - meaning that the USA was not the only one which was powerful in the war.

Source for the intepretations :

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