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Hi, I need help with my physics IA. I am a physics HL student and am aiming for a grade 7 as everyone should be doing but I am wary that I need to get a grade 7 in my Physics IA as my physics teacher is really bad. Bad is an understatement.
My physics IA proposal is how changing the mass effects the time period and hence the spring constant. I am planning to do one on an airtrack to emulate non frictionless surface and one on an airtrack but rather it will have a sail, almost like a barrier to emulate air resistance. From this, I can expand on seeing the effect it has on velocity and acceleration and as I am doing maths HL calculus, I was wondering if I could involve this.

I need reassurance if this physics IA is not too simple but also, I need other variables to add layers to my IA. Any advice?

Any relevant feedback will be appreciated

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