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Here’s some I remember:

Why is water important in body:
- Control body temperature
- Brain functioning
- stops dehydration

Why is food cooked?
- Develops flavours
- Makes Safe to eat
- improves shelf life

4 impacts on food choice:
-dietary requirements

Enzymatic browning question:
- Browns apples when exposed to air (oxygen turns it brown)
- how to stop :
Add an acid to change pH so enzymes don’t work as well
- blanching (put in boiling water for few seconds then ice cold water)
- cover to stop oxygen coming into contact with apple

- Fortification question:
- adds nutrients to food e.g white flour
- helps food security
- makes sure people get all nutrients they need
- helps poor people get all nutrients

Diabetes question:

Why more people are diabetic:
-more fast food outlets
-people have more money
-new technology stops people exercising
-marketing in supermarkets

-causes high blood pressure
-body image issues
-increased chance of cancer, heart attack and strokes

Supermarket stopping waste question:
-food banks
-put food nearing use-by date on offer
-don’t buy too much stock
-don’t put offers on multipack items

Potato question:
Boiling- Worsens nutritional value as vitamins and minerals destroyed. Softer texture
Baking- not much change in nutritional value as no fat used. Crispy, browner
Shallow frying- uses fat, crispy, browner, tastier

Coagulation/denatured question:

Denatured is when proteins unravel and bonds break, caused by heat/ physical agitation.
Drying cooking eggs clump together and the proteins coagulate (join back together). I drew diagrams

Vitamins and minerals question:
Vitamin B1- Helps energy releases
Vitamin C- Antitoxidant, stops infections
Calcium- Strong Bones and teeth
Flouride- Strengthens teeth enamel
Vitamin K- clot blood
Vitamin A- good eyesight

Can’t remember any others and cba to do 12 marker

Feel free to leave answers :cool:
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Evil Homer, can you add this to the Unofficial Markschemes please? :hugs:
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The Question about why is Water Important in the Body could you put the Following Below- Hydrates the Body- Fights off any Illness or Diseases in the Body- Transports other Minerals in the Body

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