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Hi I’ve started researching for my dissertation and I need two books to compare. I’ve got some ideas but I’m looking for some advice or recommendations. I originally thought about Jane eyre and to the lighthouse, on the idea of feminism and women. The only thing is, I feel like that’s been done to death.

So I’ve got a few book ideas so if anyone can recommend a book to go with it that fits the theme, that would be fantastic. I’m so overwhelmed with the amount of themes and books to choose from. Here’s my choices:

The bell jar - the role of women/mental illness

To kill a mockingbird - loss of childhood innocence/racial injustice

The lord of the flies - desire for power/government

lighthouse and Mrs dalloway - liberation

I’m leaning towards the bell jar and the role of women with incorporating the mental health idea. Is that too specific for a dissertation question? Is it also too specific that I won’t find another to compare it to?

If anyone’s knows any suggestions for books to go with the single ones I’ve come up with that fit one of the themes, or a different one they both cover, please let me know.

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