Changing study environments??

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I get in a real rut quickly with environments and struggle to find anywhere i can get absorbed or focus, or i have to keep changing very often. I have severe anxiety, depression and ADHD so there always seems to be some problem w a place. Non-home, non-uni campus places are what i'm looking for as i have spent too much time there and now too sick of them to be motivated. Coffee shops work best, but only a select few are the right environment for me to feel comfortable enough in (many complicated reasons) to actually work well.

It's mostly laptop work, sitting outside when the weather is good is nice but then can't actually see the screen as properly

Anything else effective or even weird that worked for you?
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Have you tried any of those apps that simulate coffee shop ambient noise? Perhaps you could use it to help you focus, even if the environment around you isn't always ideal.
I can understand feeling stuck in a rut. Productivity expert Cal Newport recommends for instance that you have a few places dotted around campus that you use for serious work - writing, really deep research, etc. Then don't use them for non-intensive study or tasks, and instead use other spots you like, such as coffee shops, where it doesn't matter as much if it's a bit distracting etc. That way, certain places become associated with deep work, but it stops you getting too much in a rut since you don't work there all the time, but instead use it just for the most serious stuff.

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