Should I let him know I like him?, if he doesn't already . Watch

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I'm in my first year of uni,and only two weeks are left already. I met a guy , its his last year, we have met while doing some presentation together, he was so nice, and smart and just amazing, omg i think i really really like him. We met like twice, talked a little bit,and i wasn't able to see him at uni, we have diffrent schedules. I got him on Facebook, he liked only one photo and that was it. we had another presentation, not together this time , he was with his friend and i was in another team, we met few times and didn't say hi , i literally asked one question, when he was sitting opposite me, he answered shortly ( since we were working) and during the day he kept looking at me from across the room,quietly , i felt like i did something wrong. And suddenly we had to make a new presentation , so we decided to practice, he came ,sat to my desk ,although none of the seats were taken. We talked, made some jokes and it ended up quickly, on the next day we had more time, and I was sitting in the room with two guys, and appearently only one was there for me. We talked ,smiled, he asked about my german classes,since i was doing my hometask , he came up ,sat right in front of me and kept asking questions and looking into my eyes, i kept smiling. I don't know maybe I'm wrong but i thought we had a moment there. So after the presentation we went together downstairs, and my friend was there he needed some help and grabbed me so fast I couldn't even say goodbye, his friend also was there and he took him, and they walked there few times and everytime he looked straight into my eyes with somekind of face, i can't even explain. We both study Civil Engineering ,i posted a photo of me in front of old building on the small street on my storys on Fb. He texted me , asked about the place,out of nowhere. I was shoked, and so happy ,my hands were shaking, i managed to somehow answer. Over all we had small chat, if I would write late, he would do the same. Thats when you think ,maybe he is just like me waiting for my answer. we had nice conversation, he asked for my instagram to show me photos taken by him. He wrote i got you. with some smile, like he managed to do something important.( or i am just dreaming) so the last message i wrote was, deal, and i went to sleep. He answerd me at 4 am , deal . next morning i saw the message , and i was like ,okay i have nothing to write, He will maybe text me later. Almost 3 days have passed and nothing. i even so him at uni but he was talking to his friends and couldn't really see me but i walked there maybe 10 minutes later, i was angry and didn't look on his side but i feel like he could see me and steel nothing. Now i realy want him to text me , i am not the girl who waits for somebody to text, I do it myself .But last time i did it , i had my lesson. And another thing is that , he sometimes posts on his fb and he posted two days ago- girls, if a guy asks for your number, don't give it so easly , give one number per month, and check his patience. I think he might be one of the guys that like to earn girl. Although he doesn't seem , he looks little shy and confident enough (but not like this) . I decided not to gave up and wait until he texts first. BUt i think i am getting a little crazy , i have cheked my phone , every 10 minutes during last few days. I want him to text , but i think i'll die sooner. So today i cheked and soo newspaper article, about our presentation, with our photos in it. I though maybe i could write ,, i just found this article, nobody even noticed maybe,but I'm so happy ,althogh my face looks weird ". The thing is that, our exams begin in 2 weeks, and i have no idea where he is going , maybe another country, and i want at least know him better. sooooo, Should i write ? would it be too obvious?
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Message him. 3 days isn’t that long to go without talking to someone. He is probably quite busy at the moment. He seems to be interested, but remember that for some guys it’s scary/hard to text a girl, so you might have to initiate a lot. Hope all goes well 😃
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