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Is this a good EPQ question (should entertainers(actors, athletes ,musicians) get more money than highly educated and trained professionals(doctors, military, police)?) also, how long do you have for the EPQ, is it for the year 12 or both year 12 and 13. Plus I changed mine from talking about if MBA's elevate a career in finance or not. However while arguably this would relate more to the subjects I wish to do(math related) the new question interests me more. Lastly may I have tips surrounding EPQ and how to structure it.
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The title sounds okay, as you've used 'should' it allows you to come to a decision and argue both sides of the debate which you need to do for top grades. Your essay has to be evaluative not descriptive. It may be quite broad however so you may need to be a bit more specific (e.g. specific professions you want to talk about) and you may also need to change wording as 'entertainer' doesn't clearly describe all those professions and people in those careers can also be highly educated and trained but this is all stuff you can tweak as you go.
The only issue I can see is how much you'll be able to write and what research you can get. This isn't my area at all but remember you've got to fill a ~5000 word essay and equally balance and discuss both sides of the debate. To get good marks as well you need primary research (research you've done yourself, not just googled) so like I did it as emailing researchers in the field but others did it as questionnaires, etc.

Generally you do it over one year, either year 12 or 13 not both. Which year you do it probably depends on your school.

As for structure, that really depends on your essay. Everyone's was different in my class because it depends on your different sections and how it flows best. I didn't decide my final structure until after I finished writing, I just moved it around after that so don't worry about it yet. The biggest tip I have? Fill in your logbook as much as humanly possible. So many of your marks come from there so don't neglect it!

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