What I Wish I Knew Before A-Levels (tips for year 12s and those starting next year): Watch

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I have my last two exams next week but I thought it may be of some use to make a lil thing giving some tips/hints for those starting A-Levels or those that will start them in September:

SPECIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! use them! And I cannot stress this enough!!!! My last paper is Edexcel Religious Studies for Christianity on Wednesday, and I've not long looked at the spec and realised I am not too sure on most of the information on it... so I have about 5 days to learn a whole new spec AND make sure I get enough revision done for my paper 3 Biology on Monday... (fml, right?) This could have been avoided if I used the spec before!

FIND LITTLE WAYS OF REMEBERING PROCESSES AND CONCEPTS: little ways that help you remember information are great! For example in Biology, for DNA replication, I remember the order of the enzymes used because DNA helicase has a H which comes first in the alphabet compared to P, as in DNA Polymerase... also the Polymerase Chain Reaction is basically DNA replication with a few temperatures throw in.

SUMMARISE: it might seem like you have to remember loads of information, but truthfully you do not at all. So summarising is your best friend...

LEARN THINGS IN YOUR OWN ORDER: you do not necessarily have to learn things in the order of the book or the spec, make it as easy as possible to remember things. In Biology, there's a chapter on receptors and a chapter on muscle contraction... logistically it makes sense (in my own opinion anyway) to learn the control of heart rate alongside the structure of heart rate, the cardiac cycle and the structure and functions of heart vessels. It makes more sense and easier to remember. It's the same with the learning synaptic transmission across a neuromuscular junction and muscle contraction at the same time, and protein synthesis along with transcription and translation regulation... and so on.

PAST PAPERS AND EXAM QUESTIONS: if you can, try and find a pattern. And make sure to look out for how much detail you actually need to put for each question... you might be surprised at how little needs to be included.

KEY WORDS AND LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF MARKS FOR EACH QUESTION: for some questions, they are more concerned about the amount of key words and type of language used, especially for Biology... try to be very specific - there are a lot of times where you can put the same concept but not get marks because a specific word is not used.

If you have any questions about AQA Biology or EDEXCEL Religious Studies then feel free to ask, I mean I am not a genius but I may be able to help!!
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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