Best Friend’s Mother Won’t Let Her Get Diagnosed

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My best friend seems to suffer from anxiety, and I don’t mean occasionally feeling nervous. I mean she will straight out cry if she gets even slightly embarrassed in public, having general anxiety attacks and she’s in general in a bad mental state. I study psychology as a warm up for when I start working on that degree, so I’ve said that she shows some warning signs of an anxiety disorder and that she should get it checked out.

The only problem is that her mother won’t let her get a professional diagnosis.

My best friend is genuinely suffering right now, and not only is her mother preventing her from getting a diagnosis and therefore treatment, she’s likely a major cause of it as well from the amount of pressure put on her.

Both me and my friend are 15. I don’t think she can wait until she’s 18 and can move out to get a diagnosis. What can we do? Is there even anything we can do?

Before you say ‘try reasoning with her mother’, I’ve tried my best, and it hasn’t worked. Her mother is of the mindset that if you’re not physically hurt then you have no reason to be upset, and doesn’t understand that while she is a tough woman, my best friend is not.
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She can get help at 16 without the input of her parent/s. You're entitled to confidentiality at the age of 16, so unless she's a risk to herself, her mother will not be informed.
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^ what they said. she can see her GP without her mom being present.

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