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In lesson we have been learning about sectors however I don't understand how to do a few of the sectors as I wasn't in for a few of the lessons and I have done the first sector of audio/moving image. So I have compared an old Cadburys advert to a new Cadburys advert and what the purpose is the primary audience the secondary audience and the relationship between product and audience and purpose. One media sector that I am going to look at is the audio/moving image. This sector includes media products such as podcasts tv adverts etc. The purpose of the past Cadburys gorilla advert was to sell the product of Cadburys chocolate to the target audience of children and adults who like chocolate or want to buy it as a birthday gift or any other event such as Easter. Children may find the advert funny which may make children want to buy the product. This would appeal to a broader range of people who are wanting to buy the product and spread through opinions and communication to friends and family. People carry on watching the advert because they’re curious about what the product is. The music on the advert was made by Phil Collins called “in the air tonight” is to grab the attention of adults and children, this advert intrigues adults to carry on watching because it’s a song from the past that a lot of people enjoyed and this also keeps the children and adults intrigued because it’s a gorilla playing drums and they think it’s interesting. This advert was made on the 31st of Augusts in 2007. However it’s been 12 years and new adverts have been released for Cadburys chocolate the most resent advert was on the 23rd of April in 2019.

Cadbury has launched an emotional advert on January 12, 2018 telling the story of a mum who finishes her shift at a fish and chip restaurant and rushes to pick her young daughter up from school and then is interrupted by what seems like an important phone call as they walk home. The little girl wanders into a corner shop/newsagent and decides to buy her mum a large bar of Dairy Milk. The little girl then approaches the man however she doesn't have any money, so she shyly takes a few little objects from her purse to "pay," she approaches the man behind the counter and asks to buy a large Cadburys dairy milk however chocolate bar for her mums birthday and she then pays with a collection of tiny objects and her favourite toy unicorn the shopkeeper raises his eyebrows and then accepts the offer of a button, a fake diamond ring and a plastic medal, before returning to her a toy unicorn as ‘change’ the shopkeeper ensures he doesn’t take the girl’s favourite toy of the unicorn. The shopkeeper isn’t making any actual money from it and it leaves him out of pocket, he did it out the kindness of his heart. She is able to leave the shop with her Mum’s favourite bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, and a smile on her face. The little girl hands the chocolate to her mum wishing her a happy birthday. The advert then ends with the tagline "There's a glass and a half in every one." This just tells you that the ‘glass and a half’ refers to the amount of milk used to make each half-pound of the chocolate.

If you can give me any advice on how I can improve my work to get a better grade I would appreciate it very much Thank you.
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