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I completed my art exam and handed in all of my work, but realised the other day that I didn't write my name on my main pieces. My teacher gave everyone a folder with their name in bold (my teacher never said to write our names on our art work and I can't remember but I think he said we didn't need to write our names), I also know that my teacher and other teachers at my school will be marking our coursework so my teacher will know which piece is mine. But now I feel really stupid because I'm worried I won't get the 7 I was supposed to and even fail. Do they mark one student at a time? I thought they would mark the coursework one student at a time but am just a bit worried that they don't and I won't be able to take art at A level (art is what I want to do as a career). Also did anyone else make the same mistake and did it make any difference to your grade?
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As long as your work is in your folder and your folder has your name on it then you are fine
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