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I am REALLY worried about the essay and thought I’d done quite well in it but looking on the forum, it looks like I’ve confused bonding with binding.
I talked about
Hydrogen bonding in DNA
Hydrogen bonding in Transpiration and the importance of the cohesion tension theory
The glycosidic and hydrogen bonds in cellulose and linked this to cell turgidity
Acetyl and methyl bonding and how that would affect the hydrogen bonds formed between promoter regions and transcription factors and then linked this to cancer development
Muscle contraction and talked about the bonds between ATP and how they release the energy for the power and recovery strokes. But I also went into a lot of detail about calcium and troponin bonding and actin and myosin bonding
Disulphide bridges in antibodies and importance of maintaining a constant and stable structure
The types of bonding in channel and carrier proteins and linked it to nerves and resting potential

My extra knowledge involved
how the hydrogen bond is formed (like the difference in electronegativity and the lone pair and electropositive stuff)
Exactly where the bonds happen in DNA so for example the C==O and the N-H bond
Acetyl bonding to the leucine amino acid and the methyl bonding to the guanine base in DNA

I’m really worried that I am going to lose like 10 marks for that muscle contraction section.... even though I talked a lot about ATP and the bonds between the phosphate groups and integrated it into the paragraph, would I lose the marks???

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