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Please don’t call me spoilt, you have no idea the stuff i’ve had to do to help my family before. I got two part time jobs to help her with bills while all my friends we’re out partying and having fun. I helped look after my younger brother when she was in hospital. I have taken many sacrifices throughout my childhood to help my mum, and i have never complained or moaned about it because i’d do it all over again if i had to.
I just wanted the opinion of other people on wether it was a lot, after my own my bills and outgoings and i’ll have about 700 left, which i’m aware is more than enough, plus this job isn’t even definite, only a possibility. I refused to be called spoilt by someone who has no idea about my life and what i’ve had to give up. It was only a question and after further conversations with my mum and my family i’m more than happy to give her that money. I wouldn’t call you immature or close minded because I have no idea about your circumstance, as you don’t mine, so please keep your assumptions about me to yourself.
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You are clearly spoilt. You even said your mum has been struggling all her life as a single parent and all you want to do is "make it up with flowers" LOL. Not only that, you counter-offered her like some sort of **** and said 150 instead?

Let me say it again, you're clearly spoilt.

What annoys me the most is you know your mum struggled through a lot yet you still want to argue about the 200. Guess you're too mentally immature to understand, what a shame.
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I know i understand that, i just didn’t know what to think as none of my friends are in the same situation and can not offer me advice. But thank you!
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I think it's ok for parents to charge keep. 200 won't be far off what you use if you have a bit of food etc in the house. Perhaps offer to do chores instead of part? But ultimately you're still gonna have 1k a month to yourself so it's not a big deal.

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